Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Question of the Day

As I'm not in the habit of lending people money (since I'm not really flush with fundage), I have no idea how to collect it. This might surprise you, but I'm not really much of a "tough guy." Most times I have a really hard time asking for what I even want, so trying to ask for something like money back seems even worse. AFMF borrowed some money from me earlier this year. Not a big deal, I figured he was good for it, and having him not stress about money anymore was better for me because I didn't have to hear about it anymore. Well, not only are we now broken up, but it's six months later and no money in sight. Do I write it off as the price to pay for being dumb enough to loan money to a boy? Do I hope someday that it'll just magically show up on my doorstep? Do I ask for it back? And if so, how? I'm such a freaking chicken bawk bawk. If I ask for a payment plan, then I'll have to see him more than once - and he shouldn't get that privilege, right? He hurt me, he loses on the wonder that is me (thanks, Inge, for the cute comic. How did I miss that one??). Still, the whole thing is bugging me. I could buy a new iPhone if he paid me back. Doesn't he know how important that is? :)

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