Saturday, October 4, 2008

The World According to Pinky, Age 8 1/2

According to my newly found childhood diary/journal, I had many interesting favorite things. Would you like to hear them? Of course you would.
My favorite subject in school is: Math (um, OK. That didn't last too long...)
My favorite outfit is: Wedding outfit (what I wore as a flower girl in a wedding)
The name of my favorite movie star is: Dolly Parton (seriously? Wow)
My favorite television show is: Happy Days (because my love for The Fonz was deep and true - he was another picture I kissed before I went to bed each night)
My favorite color is: Red (***I can explain!!! See below***)
My favorite thing about being: 8 1/2 (the half is very important, you know) years old is: I get to be baptized and a member of the church (awwww, look at little religious Pinky)
My favorite way to spend time is: Read (wow, such a scholarly child)
My favorite song is: Book of Mormon Stories (again with the cheesy answer?)
My favorite book is: Stuart Little (he rocked my world)
My favorite food is: Steak (see, some things never change)
My favorite time of the year is: Christmas (I can see that - Christmas as a child rules)
My favorite time of the day is: Afternoon (I'm guessing because school was out?)
My favorite possession is: Piano (um, did I buy a piano in my spare time?)
My favorite animal is: Cat (oh, wait, apparently some things DO change)
Even funnier? Here are the things I did NOT like: Dogs, snakes, lions, and bad cats (now, was there a time I was going to be around a lion which might attack me? Seems like an odd choice. I do like that I needed to differentiate between loving cats and hating "bad cats").
***OK, as for my love of the color red, it's true, I confess. When I was little my favorite color was red. There, I said it. The funny thing was that I started to like pink, but I was afraid I'd be hurting red's feelings (since, apparently, I've always had a personal relationship to color), so I kept saying my favorite color was red, when in reality it was pink. Make sense? I realize by this point in my life it's probably a moot point, as there's no denying the pink love now, but I had to come clean and admit that I once had a flirtation with another color. Don't judge me.

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