Thursday, October 23, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to today's Celebrity Wrap Up. Let's get to it.Yes, Kate, you actually wore that atrocity out of the house. Is that why you've got that, "I can't believe I wore this pee colored sack of potatoes beyond my garage" look on your face?Somebody call the Fashion Police stat! Maria Menounos has been swallowed up by a pair of pants. Help!Um, Natalie, I realize you just broke up with your BF, but are you seriously wearing tattered mocassins outside your house? Really? Hmmm.Lindsey, while I respect the fact that you've selected a look that you obviously love and think it's working for you, it's not. You may continue to wear those awful leggings until the day you die (and even be buried in them), but they're still not going to look good. EVER. Throw them out. The only person who ever pulled off that look was Olivia Newton-John in the last scene of Grease, but that was for a movie. See the difference? Hi, Penelope. Why is your dress styled like a mop? My swiffer picker upper has the same design as the bottom of your skirt. Was that your intent? Oh, it was? Then, by all means, carry on.

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