Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pinky's Picks

Lately, several things have been floating my boat. I was going to devote an entire blog post to my obsession, er love, for tic tacs, but I realized there are other things to discuss.Alright, since I've already opened the can of worms regarding my tic tac love, we should start with that. Is there a 12-step program for this? If so, I should enroll stat. I can't stop with the tic tacs. I think it has to do with my abhorrence of bad breath, so I'm always worried I might inadvertently offend someone with bad breath (which I don't think I have, but I'm going to be certain by constantly chewing tic tacs). Did you see Juno when she filled his mailbox with orange tic tacs? Yeah, I'm like that (but with the white ones). On a related note, yesterday I sat next to someone in a meeting who quite possibly ate a poop sandwich for breakfast. Literally. I almost gagged. See, I never want to be that person accused of eating a poop sandwich. Hence, the tic tacs.Next up? Other than loving almost everything from Bath and Body Works (I should just invest in a franchise, I'm such a loyal client), I'm especially fond of the holiday line. No, not the Vanilla Bean Noel (I may have overdosed on my love for that after 100 bottles). They've got this fantastic Twisted Peppermint Shimmer Shower Gel that gets you all tingly and refreshed in the shower while still adding glitter to your body. The perfect combo!

Of course, no one is shocked to discover I've got a deep and true love for Facebook (I've mentioned it before, right?). But, as I reached 500 friends yesterday (would you like my autograph?), I felt it was worthy of a shout out.This brings us to another member of the Bath and Body Works family, but as we're entering the freezing cold winter months, this is extra handy. The mentha lip balm not only softens your lips, but the tingly (there I go with the tingly thing again) sensation also freshens your breath when you lick your lips (as you inadvertently do when wearing any sort of lip balm). How great is that? OK, OK, so it's *possible* I apply it a thousand times a night, but who's counting? It cuts down on my tic tac consumption! :)

And finally, to end the Top Five Things To Float My Boat, I present my Top Three new shows. Yes, I know 90210 isn't exactly new, but it does have a new cast. The Ex List is just awesome. I can't say enough good things about it. 90210 is a great dose of nostalgia and new topics, and My Own Worst Enemy is like a fantatic action movie every week. Christian Slater is brilliant. If you haven't already, check these out! :)

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