Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
Tonight I found an old diary where I wrote down all the secrets of an eight-year-old girl. I was surprised to see just how many boys I fancied at a young age (or was I???). From the page entitled "Here is a list of all the people I love" it had the following information:
1980-81: Michael Perdue
1982-83: Mike Silva (as a side p.s. my Postsecret-of-the-day is that I used to kiss his picture every night before I went to bed. Yeah, I know), Bill Calvert (sort of), and Greg Raymond (sort of). Yes, it actually says sort of next to the names. Classy!
1984-85: (this was *apparently* a big year for me) Jesse, Justin, Jerry, Josh, Frankie, Seth, Gilbert, Walt, John, Donald, Francisco, Andre, Nathan, Grady, Jason B., Jason, Nick, Joey, Matt, Brandon, Chris, Dennis, Jeff, Mike H., Mike, Shane, John, Tony, Rick, Ricky, Sean, River, Ethan, Todd, Terry, Mike, Scott, Greg, Val, John, and, wow. I have no words.
So tell me, dear diary, what does it all mean? Do you judge me, diary, for being a boy-crazy girl? Do you happen to know how I can get over it? Thank you, diary, for listening to my troubles. You're the best and I know I can always come to you to guard all the secrets of my heart.
Love, Pinky

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BeatlesDiva said...

How fun to find a treasure like this. I don't think I even kept a journal when I was that young.