Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up, where Pinky makes hilarious (in her own mind) observations regarding what's going on in Tinsel Town. Or, as my dad says, I'm just being REALLY mean and snarky. Either way.Call me crazy, but I was honestly surprised both these couples broke up. Sure, Madonna was besieged by divorce rumors for a long time, but I still somehow thought they'd make it work. I know, I'm a softie. And Tea Leoni &
David Duchovny had such a cute courtship story (dated for three months, eloped, had two kids, and now twelve years later the big D), I really thought those two crazy kids were going the distance. Sigh. I guess true love doesn't exist. I mean, if not in Hollywood, then where?Speaking of true love, we have Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Now, I realize this isn't a new look for Mariah (as she's been wearing it since Junior High), but is that a tank top she's trying to pass off as a dress? Seriously. Is it?Hi again, Colin. Didn't realize we'd be seeing you again so soon. Have you been playing dress up in Hugh Hefner's closet? Just wondering. Scary Spice? Sporty Spice? Freak-Ice-Cream-Cone-On-Top-Of-Her-Head-Spice? Yeah, whatever your name is, wow. I have no words. Beyonce, let's not kid ourselves. You know I have no love for you. On that note, are you wearing a tu-tu?

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Taryn said...

I have to tell ya Kristen that I don't keep up on hollywood that much so reading your blog makes me laugh. I love all of your comments/observations! Thanks!