Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can Crusher

So, my not-so-secret-Postsecret-of-the-day? I crush my pop cans. No, not when I'm done and throwing them away. As I'm drinking them. I don't know why. I always do. Always have. If there was a group of us drinking the same thing (say, my beloved DP for example), you could pick out my can in the crowd because it's dented on the sides. I don't even realize I do it, but I open it, drink some, and crush. Pretty much immediately. I used to think it was because it gave me a little "grip" on the can, but then one of my girlfriends pointed out that the cans aren't really too heavy to begin with. Good point. Still, I crush. Perhaps I secretly want to feel like a big, strong giant who can smash items with my tough muscles? Who knows. Between my can crushing and my "chill" (or tick, or Terrets, or whatever you choose to call it....but we don't need to talk about that right now), I guess it's just another thing to make me unique. :)

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BCassFam said...

Didn't John Belushi crush cans in the movie Animal House?