Monday, October 20, 2008

Down on the Cubicle Farm

I work in a cubicle farm. Most days it's OK, even pleasant, but other days....well, not so fun. There's a guy I've never met who sits one row away from me and I know WAY too much about his life, his wife's health issues (she just had a baby and everyone got to hear every little health challenge during her entire pregnancy), and all about his new baby. Thank goodness the baby was finally born because I couldn't listen to the chatter one more second. My ipod just doesn't go loud enough to block his blather. Bless his heart. He actually sits near Time Warp Girl, but she hasn't annoyed me (as much) lately (except for her constant bagel eating in meetings....). She did get a new hairstyle, though. Brought her into the current century - hooray! The color leaves a little to be desired, but at least she finally cut those ruca bangs. Does anyone watch Heroes? My favorite part this season is every time Hiro sees this one girl he says, "Nemesis." I've got a guy at work I call "my nemesis" and whenever he passes me in the hall, I think the same thing. I also make a "number one sign" with my fingers using the middle finger (read: I flip him off), but it's down by my side, so he can't see it. Certainly makes me laugh, though. Tee hee. I'm so tough. Yes, life on the cubicle farm is always exciting.

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Taryn said...

you crack me up! sometimes i miss the work social scene and then i read this and it brings back memories of a kid i sat by when i first moved to the call center. He sat in the cubby next to me and i knew way to much about him and he stunk!