Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Tuesday Edition

I'm going to get my hair did today, I'm quite excited. Don't worry, I won't chop it off. I just need about half of it thinned out. My hairdresser is going to croak when she sees the color. Oh well. I'll take a pic when I get home. Speaking of hair, doesn't Lisa Marie Presley rock this color? I'm not even bagging on her; I LOVE it. I wish I could do that to my hair. She's just fierce.Um, hi, Amanda Peet. Wanted to compliment you on the cherub of a daughter you've got going on there. But, I think you should check with SJP and see if you can borrow the brush she's going to pick up for her son. Or maybe a spa could do you good? I know it was stressful having your show cancelled, but come on. It was awhile ago. Move on.Christina Aguilera, are you going for the robot look? Oh, you were? Then, by all means, carry on. You nailed it.Colin, surely they pay you enough to buy some shoelaces? And what's with the long hair? I thought it was for a movie...surely it's been filmed by now. Weren't the black leggings bad enough, Lindsey Lesbian? Because these, well, these are atrocious. Pull your head out.Do you remember seeing Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley and how dreamy he was? I miss him. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, this is not a beauty contest. You're too old for strapless. Cover it up or else Davey Jones won't kiss you on the sagging cheek again, you old hag. Mr. Brady is rolling over in his grave right now.


BeatlesDiva said...

I can't believe that's Amanda Peet!?! That picture looks nothing like her.

As for Christina Aguilera, she gags me big time. I almost got into a fight with her and most days I wish I would have popped her one.


Hope you're feeling better today!

BCassFam said...

Did you just call Lisa Marie fierce?