Friday, October 24, 2008

Gratitude List

Sometimes I think we all get caught up with the negative things in life or look at what we don't have instead of focusing on how much we're blessed. As I've recently been a little too negative, I thought it was time to make a list of things to be grateful for. So now, without further ado, my gratitude list (in no particular order). I am grateful for: *my family, who has seen the best and worst of me and still loves me unconditionally *my friends, both old and new, who listen to my neverending drama and support me even when they don't agree with all my choices *my job, which allows me to think outside the box and always teaches me new ways to be patient (when wanting to blow stupid people's heads off) *my health and my increased activity level due to my daily walk *my apartment and the added bonus of living alone and therefore being able to decorate every last inch of wall space with pink flamingos and a wide array of pink knick knacks *my creative mind, which will not allow me to walk through a craft store or craft market without thinking of ways I can make everything myself *my super cute car with its Hello Kitty car seat covers, cute design, and pink backwards flames on the side (don't ask) *my blog, which allows me to vent and gives me a creative outlet with which to express the trivial thoughts in my sometimes depraved mind *my loyal readers, who tolerate my boring posts, negative thoughts, and snide remarks *the color pink, just because *my iPod and good music for making the days more enjoyable *Apple products for making both said iPod and my beloved iPhone *my past, for teaching me valuable lessons *my mistakes, for showing me what not to do *my sense of humor, to deal with my past mistakes, *and last, but not least, everything that entertains me (movies, books, games, the internet) and keeps my idle mind busy. :)

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