Monday, October 20, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Monday Edition

Good morning and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up. Happy Monday. Those bags are certainly big. Don't they know they could save a lot of money by one of them just hiding out in one of the bags? I'm just saying.Here's my issue with Pink - she's not really dedicated and loyal. Sure, she renamed herself Pink and once had pink hair, but is she really devoted to the color (like some people *cough cough*)? I think not. Pink is just a passing fad for her, not a lifestyle choice. To this, I turn down my nose. Now that being said, I'm not taking issue with her (today) for her lack of devotion to the world's greatest color. Why does her hair look like that Seinfeld episode with the low flow showers? Blech, it's terrible.Julia, we get it. You're au naturel. You're granola. You are one with the world and no one can tell you differently. I read you don't even use deoderant (ewwww). But isn't the poncho overdoing it a little? If you said you knitted it yourself we're breaking up.I love Nicole Kidman. I love that she just had a baby and found true love after enduring all the pain from the evil TC. I love this dress she's wearing and her porcelain skin and how she's BFF with Naomi Watts. Love it. But I miss her red curly hair. Where did it go? Couldn't you just bring it back, Nic? For me? That'd be great. Thanks. Love ya. Mean it.Speaking of hair, egads. Sharon, 1982 called and wants its hairstyle back. Too easy? OK, Martina Navratilova called and wants her hairstyle back. I know, I know, another easy one. Sharon, are you trying out your alien-with-a-helmet-on-its-head Halloween costume out? Come on, that was much better. :)

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