Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Once Upon a Wedding

So, the other day at bowling Laurie was asking me if I still used my married name. Um, that's a big NEGATIVE. You see, my married name was (try to hold back your laughter) Crouch. Yep, Kristen Crouch. Blurgh. NOT attractive in the slightest. Let's just say I took it because deep down I'm traditional and think the woman should take the husband's last name, but rest assured the second after we decided to divorce, I went and changed it back to my maiden name. Who wants to be followed around by Crouch? And yes, I'm aware that it sounds like crotch (as I was reminded of this by at least 100 people during my married days). Now, to add even more excitement to the wedding discussion, let's review some oh-so-fun wedding pics. We saw a few last week, but these are even better. :)Are you impressed that the shoes matched the dresses? The girls hated them. I thought they were kind of smashing myself. :)

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Tawn said...

I was cracking up when you said Crouch reminded you of crotch!!! But it's the truth for sure! TOO FUNNY! Great post, made me crack up!