Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Training Shmaining

I just got out of a training by someone in our sales/marketing department who talked faster than the speed of the light. How did she get that job? I realize I have a tendency to talk fast at times, but, my heavens - I actually had to ask her to slow down during the class since it felt like we were in a race...she was just going faster faster faster. She also used the phrase, "We categorized into categories." Hmmm, not the most intelligent thing I've ever heard. Why do marketing people always insist on saying things like "We don't need to reinvent the wheel" or "high level" to get their point across? We get it, you're *so much better* than the rest of us. Blurgh. Her voice was giving me shingles.

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denedu said...

I love that movie!!! "voice is giving me shingles!" LMBO! I guess the closest thing I have to someone talking that way to me is my 1yr old and my 4 yr old whom I don't always understand. hahaha