Monday, October 6, 2008

Pinky's Celebrity Wrap-Up, Monday Edition

Wow, did my post title really need to be so verbose? I saw a bunch of pics online today which demanded immediate attention. First up, Matt Damon:Matt recently surprised the crowds by running a marathon in Florida. He's so cool. I just love him. He still ranks as the nicest celebrity I've ever met. Yes, my fascination and complete adoration of the Golden Couple still lives. How can she look that perfect after just having twins? I love seeing the kids about town, as well. Their funky hair always makes me smile.Um, Jake, sweetie...I've got a shower and I'd more than happy to let you use it anytime. In fact, I'd be happy to wash your back and/or your hair. Anytime. Day or night. Just stop by. You know, because I'm a giver like that.So, my *secret shame* (apparently not-so-secret-anymore) is that I find myself watching "Gossip Girl" whenever I see it on TV. It's a recent thing and I'm not proud of it by any means. And I don't tape it or anything, it's just if it happens to be on TV. But I digress. My problem with the show is this guy, Ed Westwick. He's so smarmy and ick. He gives me the heebie jeebies.Two things about this picture (well, if we count the twins as one thing, that is). When did Usher age 20 years? Doesn't he suddenly look like someone's dad (yes, I realize he just had a kid and has another one on the way...which I know because I'm WAY TOO dialed into useless celebrity tidbits)? And as for these twins (apparently they have a clothing line called DSquared)...YUM!! How do I find myself in a manwich between them? Of course, they'd probably just braid my hair because obviously they play for the other team (another reason I'm attracted to them), but they are yummy delish!

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