Monday, October 6, 2008

Hair's the Thing

My hair drives me bonkers. While I love it being long, it's so thick and heavy that most of the time I have it in a bun. I realize we've already discussed this, but humor me. Today I was in the ladies room primping my hair (read: taking it out of the bun and clipping up the bangs) when someone walked by me and said, "Oh you're so lucky to have that hair. I would love to have your hair." How nice was that? It made me suddenly love my hair and feel bad that I put it up all the time. Still, the question remains as to how to continue with the growing of my hair. Do I perm it? Cut bangs? Do long layers? So many options. So many questions.

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Taryn said...

I hear ya! I cut my hair short this summer and liked it but then I had a friend tell me that she thought my long hair made me look younger. So I'm at the akward stage of needing a haircut but not knowing if i should grow it out.