Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's That? This Isn't a Movie Set?

My apologies for the delayed blog post, but truth be told it was all Adam's fault. Well, Adam and our friend M'Lou. Granted, it turns out I'm happy to have stayed over in LA and had a wild adventure with them...but I'm getting ahead of myself... Since we last spoke, my week began with M'Lou in LA - we were in search of a movie being filmed with Alexander Skarsgard (from True Blood). I'd never really hung out on a set in search of pictures before, so the whole experience was very eye opening. Did you know there's a base camp? And Star Wagons? And signs that say where the crew goes (sometimes written in code)? Nope, me neither. I swear most days I feel like I'm getting a college education in Celebrity Stalking (er....appreciating....).
After hanging out at what we thought was the base camp for Alexander's movie for quite awhile, I noticed Chris O'Donnell come out and get into a Transport Van (please remember this, as there may or may not be a quiz later....OK, there won't be). Immediately I repeated, "Chris O'Donnell, Chris O'Donnell, Chris O'Donnell, Chris O'Donnell" (times infinity) to M'Lou because, as we all know, I'm nothing if not discreet (ha!). After seeing Chris, we realized we were, in fact, at the base camp of NCIS: LA and followed the van in haste hoping to catch Chris before he went onto set.
It must've been our lucky day, because just as I called out for Chris, LL Cool J got out of the van after him. Oh, hello, Cool J. Of course I was a dork and called him, "Mr. LL Cool J" before admitting to him how I still know all the words to "I Need Love" (don't judge me). He seemed amused by that confession. Hey, it could've been worse - I could've admitted to using the song in my bid for Freshman Class President where I changed the words to be my speech (again, no judgements - I won, so shut up).
Yes, in case you were wondering: Both guys were just as cool as they are dreamy. I don't usually like group pictures (hence the one-on-ones as well as the group shot), but I think it's neat that I somehow appear to be all illuminated. Awesome.

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