Thursday, August 26, 2010

America's Got Poppycock???

I've got a confession to make: On the rare nights I happen to be at home, I usually end up watching America's Got Talent with my dad (one of his personal faves). Now, normally, I could care less about the show and would only pay attention if he saved some act for me to watch. This season, however, I'm far better acquainted with the contestants that I ever hoped to be. Don't judge me. While not particularly invested in any one performer, I am rather fascinated by Prince Poppycock (I'm guessing it's not his actual name, but I'll humor him). In real life he looks like this fine piece of meat, but onstage, he looks like a China doll. Or a male version of Lady Gaga. Either way. I love watching him perform, but I'm more intrigued by his make-up: How long does it take him to get ready? Of course there's zero possibility of him playing for "my team" (considering 1: I'm attracted to him and 2: He wears more make-up than the Broadway cast of Cats), but he sure is pretty. Plus, can you see the headlines now? Prince Poppycock + Pinky Lovejoy = TLF. I can just see it now.....Would that make me Pinky Poppycock? WAIT. Would it make me Princess Pinky Lovejoy Poppycock? Because I could get on board with that.

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