Friday, August 20, 2010

Pinky's Fandance - Scott Elrod

One of the first arrivals at The Switch premiere the other day was this fine drink of water named Scott Elrod. Hello, lover. Although I didn't immediately recognize him, I wished I did. In fact, I was willing to take him home and keep him as a pet if needed (or allowed). After discovering he was in the movie (and not just eye candy in the background - although that would've been perfectly fine, as well) I asked for a picture with him. I'm SO glad I did because once I was able to IMDB him, I figured out why he looked familiar (and not just like my future husband - which he still might be).
Did you ever watch the entertaining TV show Men in Trees? If not, shame on you - it was cancelled because people like you didn't watch it. If you DID watch it, you'll know this beautiful face to be the hottie wanderer Cash on the show (!). I know, right? Pure eye candy. YUM YUM YUM. May I suggest growing out the hair again, Scott? I like you scroungy and dirty looking. OK, maybe just naked. Ha ha ha.

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