Thursday, August 12, 2010

Third Time's A Charm

Tonight Adam and I went to some cool Blackberry party where we saw tons of great celebrities. Of all the people there, the one I was most excited to see again was Adrian Grenier. Now, while it's true I got a picture with him at Sundance this year, I've always kinda hated the picture. Observe: Normally, I'm completely in love with Adrian, but his eyes here are a bit crazed in this picture. Yes, I know my camera screen can be confusing, but why did it distort his face?
Unfortunately, when I tried again tonight, I got this lovely picture - again, his eyes are a bit crazed. Not quite as bad as before, but crazed nonetheless. Since he was being really cool tonight, Adam called him over for a third try:
Ta-da! Other than his eyes not looking crazed, the best part is that I'm squeezing him so hard from behind that I *may* have felt his insides work (hence the big grin on my face). Sigh. Isn't he a dreamboat? Yum.

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