Friday, August 20, 2010

And That's The Way I See It....

Last night at the movie theater, one of the celebs I was speaking to complimented me on the way I asked her for a picture. Why I can't remember exactly what I said (nor is it really important), I can tell you why I posed it the way I did: 1) She was at a movie with her friends. 2) She wasn't looking amazing (no judgement, just a fact). 3) It was her free time. Now, people have various attitudes about when it's appropriate to ask a celebrity for a picture/autograph and I think it's totally a matter of personal preference. For me, while I'm stoked any time I'm able to meet someone, I understand the difference between an event (movie premiere, theater performance, book signing, etc.) and their personal time. Yes, they chose a public life. Yes, they get ridiculous amounts of money and free stuff. Yes, they *should* (in a perfect world) be nice to fans. But, they also have the right to have their private life. So, when they're at a movie and don't feel like doing a picture, that's OK. I might be disappointed, but I understand. I won't force it. Heck, I really don't like to force pictures at all. If they say no, they say no. On the flip side, the times I get upset are when someone is at an event - be it as a guest on a show, at a movie premiere, what have you - and they're not only rude, but put out about having fans approach them. I mean, is it really so surprising that people ask? Isn't that what you want? I understand not every single person will get every item they want signed or each get a picture. I know there are time constraints and pressures I probably fully don't understand. But as a fan (read: serious, hardcore, paying member of the public for their work), I expect to be treated with respect whenever possible. I don't approach someone when they're eating with their family. I'm not going to be rude and interupt a funeral or some other weird place (I might follow them to their house, but that was on accident....). But when they're on a promotional tour, it shouldn't be a hassle for them to take two seconds for my request. And if they're at a movie and gracious enough to agree to my photo, then they rock even more. That's the way I see it... :)

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