Friday, August 13, 2010

Applause, Applause

Ladies and gentlemen: A miracle has happened today. That's right, your own Pinky Lovejoy has re-entered the Corporate world. Well, technically, my Big Job starts on August 30th, but I was presented with an offer of employment today (which I accepted, of course!). :) It's for the scripting job at the post-production company I interviewed for last week. I'm SO excited! They'd said a decision wouldn't be made until the end of the month, so when I received a call from their HR department this morning I kinda thought it was bad news for sure. Lo and behold, I was hired! :) I can't wait - after the interview I just kept thinking how perfect the job sounded for me. It's the perfect combination of my skills - editing/proofreading in the entertainment industry. Well, obviously I'll have more things to do than that, but those are some big ones. Wahoo!

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