Friday, August 20, 2010

The Most Perfect Child Of All?

It was announced today (to absolutely no one's surprise, considering the fact that they just eloped) that Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are expecting a child later in the year. Um, NOT FAIR. Can you imagine the perfect combination of genes their child will have? I mean, look at them: Ridiculous, right? But it got me to thinking. What if the stunningly beautiful future offspring of Miranda and Orly grows up to one day meet and mate with one of Brad and Angelina's children?
I think if these children grew up, mated, and then had a child of their own, they'd form a superior human life form that would automatically make everyone else on earth look ugly. They'd rule the earth from the time they were born. Can you imagine the possibilities?
On the other hand, if by some bizarre freak of nature, Orly's child is somehow challenged in the looks arena, that's going to be one rough road. I don't think it's going to happen, though. Look at Brad and Angelina's kids - all three of the ones Angie bore look like mini versions of their parents. Lucky bastards.

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