Friday, August 27, 2010

Sister Sister

I've spent the past few days with my sister, Erin, almost non-stop and it's been pretty awesome (well, aside from a minor fight, but it was more of a wrong place, wrong time type of thing). Yesterday we did some unpacking (don't judge me, it's almost done), drove up to Santa Barbara, and then went to find an Emmy dress (which took about a million years). Today we both got our hair cut and colored by a friend of hers. Here's what I love about having a sister: As I was waiting for my color to process, I was reading an email and all Erin saw was me checking my iPhone. Now, I could've been doing anything on my phone, but at that moment I'd received an email from my new job confirming my start time on Monday. Without saying anything, Erin said, "Finally heard from the job? Everything checked out?" I love that all she needed to do was look at my face and she knew what made me smile.It's so awesome to be here and surrounded by family. I've got my dad at home, my niece and nephews nearby, and my sister to hang out with at the drop of a hat. It's nice to have people who know you like the back of their hand, it makes me feel loved. On our way to SB yesterday, Erin got me a drink and filled it exactly the way I like it - mostly diet and a splash of Dr. Pepper. When we go out to dinner, my dad can order my entire meal without even asking. This weekend is Owen's birthday party and we can drive less than two hours to get there (as opposed to the long trips it took to get there from Utah). I'm excited to see everyone! Sometimes it's the little things that mean a lot.

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