Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Can't Help It If I'm Famous

This morning (OK, perhaps closer to the afternoon...) I awoke to find a bevy of messages on my FB and phone regarding people seeing me on E news with Enrique Iglesias. That's right, I'm famous, I can't help it. Enrique and I have been trying to keep our love on the downlow, but I'm afraid the secret is out once and for all. Ha! I'm not sure how to see this footage on E of getting a picture with Enrique, but it doesn't surprise me considering how many cameras were all over the place. Adam mentioned TMZ showing some footage, but who even watches TMZ? Now, making it on the E channel is right up there with Major Celebrity, right? Ha! Would you like my autograph?

1 comment:

Kate said...

So cool! I wish I would have seen the footage. At least you got a super cute picture! Miss you!