Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Ricky Schroder (aka Ricky Schroder, I Love You So)

As anyone who's talked to me for more than five minutes knows, Ricky Schroder is, has been, and will always be my #1 true love in the celebrity world. Sure, I may toy with flirtations with Bradley, Zac, and Ben, but we all know that my heart remains loyal to The Ricker. I can't help it. He had me at Silver Spoons. Last night my entire crummy night at the premiere (which is an entirely different story for another day) was remedied by one brief encounter with Mr. Schroder himself. As my friends were in the movie, I was waiting at the Roosevelt Hotel for them to come over after it got out. As I was sitting there, from quite a distance away, I saw a handsome young chap get out of a Mini Cooper (which, coincidentally, is my TLF Car of the moment) with his lookalike mini-me son, Luke. I could spot that body language a mile away: It was my Ricky and he was there to make my dreams come true. OK, perhaps he was only there for a party, but let's stick to my original plan for the purpose of this story.
As you may or may not recall, when I first met Ricky in 2008, my entire being was consumed with keeping my mouth shut during our meeting so that I didn't somehow reveal the level of my youthful craze (read: insanity) over All Things Ricky. The door of my room was decorated with his face. My birthday cake, again, had his face. In frosting. In fact, there were very few things that didn't somehow relate back to my one true love. Unfortunately, due to the lack of preparation at seeing his beautiful face again, last night my censors were off and I *may* have revealed the birthday cake story. His response? "You ate my face?" My reply, "Nope, only your lips." Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen, Pinky Lovejoy = CLASSY. On a positive note, he did call me, "love" and "darling." That must mean something right? I'm sure he's thinking about me at this very second (and, no, it's not to file that restraining order....I hope....).

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