Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Very, Very Bizarre and Awesome Day

As I was *finally* feeling better, I decided I was ready to embark on our big adventure to The Switch premiere today (yes, Mother, I know you frown upon this, but I've been monitoring my leg all day and will take a full day to rest and recover tomorrow). Adam and I have been planning to go ridiculously early ever since we found out that was being held at a really small theater where we thought we'd have a chance to get a picture with Jen, so we ventured out around 9ish this morning. What a long, long day! Such a crazy, bizarre experience. If I could get it to post, you could see this hysterical video of Debra Wilson from MadTV doing her Whitney Houston impression for us while we were waiting in line. Perhaps I'll figure it out in a day or two.
The best part of the day was that we were with a group of friends and so, while it was ridiculously hot and sweaty, we had a lot of fun. Plus, it was run by a different security group than the typical one, so they passed out 25 tickets to the "prime barricade" - we were numbers 2 and 3 - and so we were able to get all the cast as they walked by. Well, all but Jennifer. Apparently, if "she does it for one, she has to do it for everyone." Um, no you don't, Jen. And, guess what? It's your PREMIERE. Pictures are kind of with the territory (and it's kind of odd that EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CAST DID IT EXCEPT YOU). Adam was dying to yell out, "Angelina does it for over 500 people at her premieres." I know, it's low, but kinda necessary. The two pics above are the best we could do. Adam is in the first picture in the red and black shirt and I'm obviously in the second. The picture below?Quite possibly my favorite picture of the premiere. This child (Thomas Robinson) was the cutest thing I've ever seen (he also plays Jennifer's son in the film). Isn't he adorable?

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