Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pinky's Fandance - Enrique Inglesias

Let it be noted that Hayden Magical Christensen may have some competition in the Nicest Celebrity Ever title, as Enrique Inglesias is quickly approaching his record. Tonight we saw him at a restaurant and he was a dream come true. Just when we thought he might be getting away, he made eye contact, grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me into him. Hello, lover! Then, to make things even better, he took my camera and held it up to take the picture himself while pulling me closer. Bah-bum. Bah-bum. Bah-bum. Can you hear that? Yeah, it's my heart. Still beating loudly. The first picture turned out a wee bit blurry, so I tried to hide the blur with the black and white (shhh, don't tell). The second one kinda makes us look like we just got engaged. Don't hate me because we're in love. :) Not sure which one I like more......I just want to keep looking at his purty little face. Yum.

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