Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing Short of Crazy

Lately my dad has been accusing me of being crazy. Um, is that something new? Actually, he's referring to my celebrity, um, obsession is the word he used. Who, me? Obsess? About anything? Well, that in itself is just crazy talk! OK, OK, so I *might* get a little carried away sometimes, but guess what? I'm not hurting anybody (scaring a few people, perhaps, but definitely not hurting anyone). I'm single, childless (read: barren), footloose, and fancy free. Someday (I'm hoping) that won't be the case and if and when that day comes, my priority will be with my home, husband, and children; not hanging out at a premiere waiting for pictures (well, maybe if it's Bradley Cooper, Ricky Schroder, or Zac Efron - I should still have some semblance of a life, right?). If you think about it, I could have a lot worse hobbies. In fact, some of the things I did in Utah were less-than-healthy for me (to say the least) and this is a huge improvement. You might think it's just stalking, er, admiring celebrities, but the overall picture is that I'm socializing, being inspired creatively, having cool experiences, AND getting exercise while we chase people all over tarnation. How can you beat that?

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