Monday, August 30, 2010

Does She Ever Age?

Ann Margret was at the Emmy awards last night and I'm pretty sure she hasn't aged a day. Look how beautiful and lovely she still is. I should be so lucky. Found a grey hair earlier this week. Gah!


Anonymous said...

Wow, she truly does look amazing. Great photo!

Did I hear your voice above the manic crowd when Glenn Close exited Friday's reception? I could have sworn I heard, "It's Pinky!" a few times. If so, I'm sorry she didn't hear you. I watched a video on youtube and people were screaming so loudly in Glenn's ear while she signed their photos that she seemed pretty overwhelmed. At least you got to chat with her at Sundance. That photo was awesome.

Take care and thanks for sharing your exciting experiences with the rest of us. :-)

Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan said...


Yes, good ear, that was me trying to call for Glenn. I hadn't seen her since we met at Sundance, so I just wanted to say hi. She'd waved at me when she drove up, but I don't really think she remembered me. It was fun to see her again, though.