Thursday, October 2, 2008

Saboteur, Thy Name is Pinky

I don't know why I've never liked people who like me. What is that about? It's as though I'm suspicious of their motives...however, when it's reversed and I get dumped for no apparent reason, my mind is full of reasons why they're stupid because look at all I have to offer. Nothing makes sense. It's like I live in opposite world. Perhaps I should start living my life like "Opposite George" on Seinfeld and only make decisions that are the exact opposite of what I'd normally do? That sounds like a fine plan to me. It just doesn't seem like everything should be so hard. If you like someone and they like you, then shouldn't you just be together? Of course I'm speaking hypothetically, as I'm still on my mancation (*cough cough*), but really. Why are relationships so hard? Why does it seem so hard to communicate or understand people, especially the opposite sex? Is there a class I can take which teaches how to speak Man? (Wow, that would be a short, silent class....OK, sorry. I didn't mean to man-bash today). If so, I'll be signing up right away.

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