Saturday, October 4, 2008

My New Favorite Show

I'm fairly certain I've got a new favorite show (well, maybe it can be *tied* with "Grey's Anatomy," as I wouldn't want to hurt Grey's feelings). Last night I watched "The Ex List" on CBS - it was fantastic. Of course, I already knew from the premise that I was going to worship it. Come on - how is this not right up my alley? A single girl in her mid-30's goes to a psychic who tells her if she doesn't get married in the next year she'll be alone FOREVER. Even better? The person she's meant to be with is someone she's already had a romantic relationship with, but no timeframe is specified. So, she has to find every one of her ex-boyfriends from the time she was in kindergarten. And it's funny to boot! Friday nights are my favorite chill night I've got something even better to chill with. Yay!

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