Monday, October 6, 2008

More Christmas Card Ideas....

In my everlasting quest for the "perfect" Christmas card, I have another two cards to choose from. As much as I *LOVED* the card with nine pics, it's a little too rich for my blood, so we're back to the Costco selections. These were just released, so let's see which one we like more. And now, without further adieu, Option A:
On the plus side, it holds four pictures and has them in cool non-symmetrical angles. On the negative side, it's red with no pink accents to be found.
And, Option B:
On the plus side? Hello, it's pink and has those super cool swirls and designs on it. However, on the negative side, there's only room for three pictures, not four. Sigh.


BCassFam said...

The first one.

Ruthie----OH! said...

I like the first one. I don't care for Tinkerbell.

Taryn said...

I have to put my vote in for the second one. Reasons are:
2. It says the word "Star" so that ties in with the stars your standing with - doesn't your x-mas cards usually say something cute like that?
3. I'm not a huge fan of Tinkerbell, but she is cute. And when I think of all the cartoon tattoos you have this one says from Kristen on it for me.

MaryDoYaWantTo said...

I like the top maroon one and the peppermint one previousley posted that I never commented on!

Unknown said...

for folks without suitable photos, think about caricatures. Artists can great some great items to use, plus you can use them for scrap booking projects, put onto mugs, or even print and frame for the wall!! has six artists, so making a selection is quite easy