Thursday, October 2, 2008

McFamily Meets the Diet Coke Girl

Last night McFamily met Ruthie (aka the Diet Coke Girl). McB and I were so excited to see her ask for a Diet Coke (knowing full well they had Pepsi products) and then saying, "No thank you, just a glass of ice" while pulling her own Diet Coke out of her purse. It took McH about five seconds to say, "You're the Diet Coke Girl!" (from a previous noteworthy blog mention regarding Ruthie's love of the Diet Coke). McFamily loved Ruthie so much that our regular Cindy Ree's night might now be permanently changed to accomodate Ruthie's schedule (should we rename it as the McTable?). Wahoo! It would be fun to just watch our table at Cindy Ree's grow and grow until eventually we take up the whole restaurant. That would rule! :)

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