Monday, October 13, 2008

I TLF Scrabble

I don't know why, but I've never been a big Scrabble player. Give me Life, Checkers, Connect Four, or Candyland any day and I'm all over it. However, playing Scrabble on Facebook? I'm LOVING it! Who knew it could be this much fun? My games have grown from just playing with McH to now playing against both Ruthie and McB's friend Summer (who KILLS at the game....I'm totally not worthy to play against her) and I can't get enough. I wish I knew more words so I could be better, but I'm definitely learning as each game goes by. Scrabble rules! I wonder what it'd be like to play "for real" (you know, with real tiles). That would be just as weird for me as playing actual Solitaire (since I only know how to play it on my Palm Pilot). Either way, super fun! :)


denedu said...

I didn't realize it was back up. Wahoooooo! Zoraida and I would play like 10 games at a time. hahaha Mainly due to loading issues of the game back when they were calling it "Scrabulous." :)

Ruthie----OH! said...

I like it because it tells you if the word is valid. Also love that it adds up the score for me, so no one sees my horrid math skills.