Friday, October 10, 2008

How Cute is my Shirt?

While I realize my outfit today (casual day, by the way) is the cutest thing ever, I have a confession to make: my shirt is a pajama top! I know, I know. I'm sure if I just keep my mouth shut no one would ever know but, much like my confession to buying jewelry at Wal-mart, I'm afraid I have to reveal my shirt being pajamas anytime anyone compliments it (which has been several times already today, because, as I mentioned, it's super cute). Plus, I've got even cooler jeans (which I never wear, as I'd gladly live out all my days in a dress, but these have a butterfly on the tush) and matching flamingo shoes. Could there be a more perfect outfit? I think not.


MaryDoYaWantTo said...

Love the shirt...the jeans are too cute!

denedu said...

Cute outfit! Love the pink cardigan! I have two pairs of bermuda shorts that I bought at Wal-mart that I love to wear in the summer when it gets really hot. Those are also pj's. ;)