Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Days and High Rollers

I'm already in a much better mood than yesterday. No particular reason, but thank goodness! Perhaps all I needed was a night with 90210, my crochet hook, and some peace and quiet. My only big news of the night was my dad calling from Mesquite to let me know he'd won $1500!!! Ay carumba!! Congratulations! I'm too much of a wussy to ever win big on slots, but that's so cool. He said a guy near him won $1200 on one slot machine and, while he was waiting to be paid, won another $1800!! Can you imagine? The only time I've won on a slot was when I was trying to get a huge stuffed flamingo as the only way to get it was to hit three flamingos on the slot machine. Try as I might, I kept winning money, but no bird. All I wanted was that pink flamingo, darnit! Sigh. No luck. I think I flirted up one of the employees into giving me a little one, but the elusive lifesize flamingo (it was taller than me) remains out of my reach. Oh well - I probably couldn't fit it in my already flamingo-friendly abode anyway.

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