Saturday, October 11, 2008

Farmer's Market, I Love You So

My friend Lu Lu Bell and I braved the freezing cold weather and went to the Farmer's Market this morning. On the plus side we pretty much missed the rain (as it started coming down right as we left), but on the negative side most of the vendors stayed home to avoid the bad weather. Why is it that anytime you come prepared to spend money there's nothing in sight to buy, but when you're broke you want to buy everything? I still love the market, though. Everything seems so much more personal and awesome. We found this amazing jelly (surprisingly a mildly spicy jalapeno raspberry kind) at a booth where they were selling three jars for $10 (a steal!). While trying to make other selections, the lady selling the jelly let me sample any and all flavors she had until I made my decision. Try getting that type of service at a supermarket! Ha! We also found some yummy honey, but as it was an extremely rare kind (whatever that means, it would seem like honey was honey), they were charging your firstborn child for it so I had to pass. After the market, we hit the DI (a thrift store - I couldn't resist taking a picture of some sad wedding dresses there. Who would buy their wedding dress at a thrift store? Nevermind. That sounded judgy wudgy). Next on the agenda? Lunch at the China Gourmet (mmmm, Mongolian BBQ). Have I confessed my true and undying love for this dish? I had to take a before and after picture for your viewing pleasure. Don't be jealous. Oh my gosh, there was the most annoying man behind us in line for the Mongolian grill. He had all his veggies in one bowl and then his meat in another and instructed the cook to be sure they didn't touch on the grill. He then added insult to injury by trying to explain to his daughter how he didn't like to bore his tastebuds and had to have different tastes and textures with each bite, which is why he had them cooked separately. I almost had to punch him in the face. We ended our adventures by hitting a few craft stores. I found some cute things for Halloween and got some ideas for Christmas presents. Oh! And the greatest discovery of all - did you know they make PINK duct tape called Funky Flamingo? Could anything make me happier? Good times.


MaryDoYaWantTo said...

Score on the flamingo tape...and yummy jalapeno raspberry jelly!

BeatlesDiva said...

Pink duct tape! I know you'll probably be taping all kinds of things now. hehe