Friday, October 10, 2008

Congratulations, JJ!!!

So, I'm not sure if we've covered this before, but I've got a "Swedish brother," JJ. He lived with our family as a foreign exchange student while he was a Senior in High School (during 1994-95) and while my sister and I lived in Utah at the time, he still became an integral part of our family. In fact, he comes to visit every few years and is just like one of my brothers (except that he lives in Sweden and technically has different parents). Special note: If you'll take a look at the previously posted midget picture from my wedding, he was in my line. Anyway, I just got an email telling me that he is now the third greatest bodybuilder in Sweden! How great is that? Granted, I'm not real big on the whole bodybuilding thing (nor do I understand it at all) and, truth be told, his flexing pics kinda scare me, but he is my brother and I'm proud of him. Therefore, I wanted to post a special tribute to him and his big win. He's worked very, very hard and sacrificed many a cheeseburger for this! Way to go, JJ!

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