Thursday, October 9, 2008

Celebrity Wrap-Up, Thursday Edition

I was catching up on my celebrity gossip online last night and came across some entertaining photos I had to share.
Maybe one day Brad and Angelina will just adopt me? I could be Pinky Lovejoy Jolie-Pitt. Too cumbersome? Shiloh is my favorite celebrity baby by far. Look at her lovingly holding the bag of Cheetos and wearing those little green crocs. She's the cutest thing ever.
Um, honey. We can see those. Plain and clear. Put on a bra and cover yourself up. Oh, and Howard Stern's new wife? Did you get your wedding dress accidentally mixed up with a bathing suit? Perhaps you thought it was a swimsuit competition? There can't be any other explanation. Although, you DID marry Howard Stern, so clearly there's something wrong with your judgement (or at least your eyesight). Katie - I realize it's hard being married to a crazy person, but you're not looking your best, sweetie. Something needs to be done. A head scarf? Really? Wow.Let's just hope she's funny like her dad. That's all I can say. Really. Lips zipped.

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