Friday, October 10, 2008

Celebrity Wrap-Up, Friday Edition

I don't know why I'm enjoying these so much this week. Something new, I guess. Um, hi. George? You're starting to look a *wee* bit skeevy. Just wanted to let you know.Yikes. Bruce....I have no words.I had no idea I have an irrational fear of wax statues, but my hell, that's terrifying.Perhaps Michael Jackson got the dates mixed up on his calendar? Did he think today was 10/31 instead of 10/10? Bless his masked, freaky, dyed white heart.SJP, you know I love you. And your son is adorable. But may I please introduce him to a brush?The Olsen twins look like little cake toppers in a model herd. Reminded me of my own wedding picture. Why do my ex-husband and I look like midgets?


BCassFam said...

Oh my you are not much taller than the flower girl.

MaryDoYaWantTo said... that is funny!