Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Would Anyone Book a Dentist's Appointment on Friday?

I must be insane. Oh, wait. We've already covered that. I spent the majority of my morning visiting my new (hot) dentist. Yes, apparently that is a factor in selecting a dentist. Why did I need a new dentist? Because my old one, who I've gone to for six years, brought in some new guy, which is fine if he were just someone to help out once in awhile, but it appears that the new guy has taken over his practice and, therefore, his clients. It kind of feels like a "sneak attack" because I wasn't in the market for a new dentist and would've at least appreciated the opportunity to make the choice. Having the new guy's people call me for an appointment was totally annoying, so I haven't been back. My friend recommended this new guy, so I figured I'd give him a try.
Um, this is what he looks like - surrounded by his impeccable office staff. Don't they look like they could grace the cover of the Ensign? It's like Mo's Incorporated in there. And of course they're all as nice as nice can be - I was a superstar. They certainly did a number on my teeth, though. Pictures and x-rays and scraping, oh my. Apparently, I have "nice teeth" (how do you respond to that compliment?) and, sadly, a cavity (oh, the horror!). Blurgh. I hate when they keep trying to talk to you when your mouth is filled with crap. How do they expect you to talk back? They also did cancer screenings and some test you only do once every five years. They're hardcore in that office, but at least they pass out a nice parting gift. Score!

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