Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John Mayer is a Funny Guy

The concert last night was a lot of fun, despite not especially loving the music. I'm not sure what it was - perhaps because I TLF John Mayer SO much I was bound to be disappointed? When I saw Colbie Caillat last year she was great, but her voice sounded a bit off last night. I can't put my finger on it, but she still looked cute and I loved her little sign on stage. Our lawn seats were probably not the greatest things in the world, but at least we were near the back and could escape with great ease when we'd had enough of John Mayer singing the blues (or whatever that was supposed to be). The worst part was getting lost several times finding my way back to the seats, especially after it got dark, which was a little bit distressing. While waiting for the show (and between performers), we were able to do some people watching. You know how much I love that. Here are a few of our fellow concert goers sitting around us:Although not prominent, her hair forms a ducktail in the back. I hope the look she was going for was a big ol' dyke (not that there's anything wrong with that), because she nailed it on the head.Why did these people need such a huge blanket for two little people? We couldn't figure it out. Seemed a little bit rude and unnecessary.The girl in the green appears to be missing half of her skirt. Poor thing. That must be what they're using the binoculars for...trying to find her skirt. I will say this: John Mayer was hysterical. In between the songs he was busting out jokes left and right. At one point he actually said, "Thanks for coming to the John Mayer show, a private club for members." Now that's funny stuff (if you don't live in Utah, sorry, it might go over your head, but for us locals that crap is hilarious!). I wish he would've just played the stuff on the radio that makes everybody happy, but alas, he decided to veer into twangy, loud, blues-y crap - I've heard some of his songs with the John Mayer Trio (which sound just like that), but I didn't go to see the John Mayer Trio, I went to see John Mayer and all the Top 40 bee-bop songs he could muster. Why do artists do that? Just play what we want and everyone's happy. Luckily we were far enough away to miss watching the orgasm face. He didn't have any large screens, so we didn't have to watch it up close. And, alas, no Jennifer Aniston sighting. Drat.

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MaryDoYaWantTo said...

That's so funny about the girls looking for the rest of her skirt!!! UT is quite strange with their membership thing and clubs. Never had to deal with that before, although come to think of it asheville is starting something similiar. At least they don't have the shot clickers that measure the exactness of a shot yet.