Saturday, July 26, 2008

Osmondpalooza - Take Two

A few weeks ago McBrian asked me if I wanted to go see The Osmonds tonight. I said sure, since I'd never really seen any of them live (except for Donny) and figured it might be fun. Turns out, I was right - it was super fun!! They put on a great show! In honor of their fifty years in the entertainment industry, (can you believe it?!!?) they've been performing all over the world and ended their big tour by performing with the MoTab (that's Mormon Tabernacle Choir for all of you not in the know) choir. Now, I'll admit that the MoTab doesn't really blow my skirt up. I can handle the choir (or any choir for that matter) in very small amounts, but it was really well done. Wahoo! Before the show we went to dinner with McP and I just had to post her cute pic. I know, I know, it appears that I'm infatuated with this little cherub, but how can I not post her cute pic? I'll refrain from sharing how McBrian tried to totally disgust me at dinner (in order to protect the innocent), but suffice it to say he's not the greatest dinner companion ever made. Just teasing, McB. Like I was going to let that slide. :)Now, as for the actual event....what a show it was! They seriously turned the LDS Conference Center into a Las Vegas show, complete with video screens, lights, and a live band. It was really cool to watch - especially with the packed theater. McHeidi scored us the tickets, so I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to McHeidi for the hookup. The show was really great and even Monkey came and supported The Osmonds (turns out he's a big fan). In fact, he got kind of teary eyed at several parts, especially when they showed retrospective clips of their entire career (such a sensitive little monkey).The crowd went wild! Out of nine of the Osmond siblings (eight boys and Marie), I've now gotten my picture taken with eight of them! Pretty cool, huh?

Verle Osmond Wayne Osmond

Jay Osmond

Have a very Osmond day! :)


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Yay (clapping of hands) there's a pic of monkey!!!!

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