Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Monday

Good morning and welcome to your Monday morning. Is it just me, or are the last five minutes between the snooze button and actually waking up the best moments of sleep all night? Do you snooze? I snooze like a crazy person. I've got two alarms, both constantly snoozing all morning long. I'm surprised I ever wake up. Lots in the news today - more about that crazy-person-disguised-as-an-artist, Amy Winehouse. What is wrong with her? I seriously can't even look at pictures of her anymore - just seeing her freaky beehive hairdo, frail body, and disgusting face (sorry, but it's true) makes me break out in hives. I refuse to post her picture, lest my eyes start bleeding, so if you don't know who she is, you're lucky! I wish I could erase her vision from my mind. That would rule. I'm on an adjusted schedule this week, since I'll be driving to Cali on Friday. I'm going to try to work ten hour days to make up for the day off. Yikes. That's going to be brutal. So, my Monday is not looking good already. Ten hours of work, then off to the park to attempt adding rollerblading into my exercise regimen...yeah, good times. I love rollerblading, I'm just not the greatest blader ever made. Therefore, it's going to be entertaining for sure. Hopefully I won't crash or break something. Anyway, Happy Monday (should those words even be in the same sentence? Seems wrong somehow...)!

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