Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Might be Too Old to Rollerblade

Wouldn't that be funny if all I did was post the "Not talking to you" picture and proceeded to refrain from blogging the rest of the day? Like that would happen. It's funny to consider though!
Big news - I didn't crash into anything as I bladed around the park yesterday - yay for me! In fact, I was lucky to find Blader there and he helped me with my skates - they'd come loose and apparently were lacking some wheel grease. Whatever that means. So, he fixed me up and we bladed around the park together. Since he normally goes super fast, I'm sure hanging with me was cramping his style, but it was fun nonetheless. However, today, I'm questioning my whole "rollerblading for senior citizens idea" (since, as we all know, I am 100). My body is crying out in pain and asking me what on earth I was thinking. I have no response to such pleas, wussy body. Leave me alone.

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