Monday, July 28, 2008

My Facebook Love is Deep and True

In case you were wondering, since I haven't professed my undying love for Facebook lately, yes, I'm still obsessed. When will this ever end? So, I found this guy I used to date in high school the other day and I could not figure out if he was the one I was looking for. It took me days of evaluating the pictures and then I finally just sent him a message and asked him if he was the same person. So subtle. See our original picture from a high school dance on the left (lovely, I know). Then, the middle pic was on his profile. Doesn't look anything like him, right? Then, we have the last picture (on the right), which does look like him. Granted, it's been 20 years, so why should I recognize someone after so long (and why am I looking for them? That's the bigger question....)
Oh, Facebook, why do you torture me so???

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