Monday, July 21, 2008

You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

So, the other night 28 tells me that it's too bad I was so skinny (something I've never, ever been told in my entire life) because, otherwise, if I gained 80 pounds he'd have illegitimate babies with me. Really? Seriously? First of all, I'm not sure 80 more pounds would be an ideal (or healthy weight - heck, I just lost 35...wouldn't that be contradictory??). Second of all, illegitimate babies? Is that what we're leading with now? Was I supposed to start salivating at the thought of my future children being illegitimate? WOW. Finally, um, what the heck?!!? I can't stop laughing at someone actually having that come out of their mouth. Poor 28. Perhaps he thought he was complimenting me? Perhaps he wasn't thinking at all. I think that's probably what was going on there.

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