Sunday, July 20, 2008

Believe the Hype - Batman Rules

There's a reason why The Dark Knight made $155 million dollars this weekend - because it rocks! While both of my movie companions thought it was about half an hour too long (can you really ever get enough Batman, though??!!), I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, right before the movie started, I may have let out a tiny squeal. Just a small one. But come on, it was Batman! Christian Bale is such a cool Batman, so suave and debonair. And Heath Ledger, of course, was phenomenal - did you expect any less? The special effects were so cool - at one point the Batmobile turns into a motorcycle (come on, I'm not really giving away any major plots points) and then drives up on a wall. It was awesome. Anything that makes me go, "HOLY CRAP! WOW!!!" during a movie is hot stuff with me. We're off to see Mamma Mia's a movie going day for sure!

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plainoldsarah said...

i agree - bring on the christian bale batman. but i too had a moment where i thought - really - it's still going? but i think my reaction was due to the excessive anxiety brought on by the creepy joker. i wanted him locked up!