Monday, July 28, 2008

Awesome Tribute or Horrible Idea? I Can't Decide

Has anyone seen the J.C. Penney's commercial which is based on The Breakfast Club movie? While initially amused to see anything reference such a theatrical masterpiece, I'm not sure having kids (who were born well after 1985 and therefore have no idea what they're doing or what movie they're ripping off) dance around and pretend to be characters on the movie is such a good idea. In fact, upon further reflection, I've decided I hate it. OK, OK, hate is pretty strong, but this was an R-rated movie to begin with. Why is JCP (their trendy new slogan) trying to use an R-rated movie to promote conformity? And isn't the entire theme of my beloved The Breakfast Club about embracing individualism and loving who you are (and not where you fit in)? I know, I know, pointing out that the movie was R-rated could possibly put me into a prude category, but so be it. The movie is 23 years old, for goodness sakes. I just don't understand why it's being brought back from the dead now.


Ruthie----OH! said...

When I first saw the commercial, I thought that they were remaking the movie. Then I realized it was a JC Penny add. I hate it, and think that it is a poor rip off of the cool Target commercials.

Anonymous said...

I hate it. JC Penny has no right to be in the BC arena. I wonder if John Hughs got any money for this.

BCassFam said...

I wrote the response above. I was working on Holly aka the mother units blog when I wrote that.