Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm So Gangsta, I Party with De La Soul

After Osmondpalooza last night, I *tried* to go to the aviary, but alas, it closed at six (and I got there around seven). Oh well. How often do you get to meet a gaggle of Osmonds? The aviary will still be around to visit another day. Seeing another gaggle of Osmonds (yes, that is the official term) is a far less frequent occasion, although I am going to see them perform tomorrow night with McBrian. Can't wait to hear some "Puppy Love!" :) Special note: I'm pretty sure that's
McHeidi's favorite song...since she's a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.
I ended up going to see the De La Soul concert with my neighbor, Henri. It was fun, although I did tire of walking around endlessly and eventually retired into the Liquid Stone booth (home sweet home). There was sure a lot of great people watching to be had! De La Soul brought out an, um, interesting crowd last night. I would never even imagine matching blue shoes to a blue shirt, but by golly, I'm inspired now. Apparently, De La Soul inspires people to shake their moneymakers, as evidenced by FreeLove Sebastian above. After the concert, Henri got us tickets into the fancy afterparty at a bar called The Hotel. I wasn't sure where this was until we pulled up to the venue. Imagine my surprise to see it's the place of many, many a karaoke night spent with my cute boys. Yep, that's right, The Hotel was once Zipperz, our beloved haunt (in fact, that's the place I met my cute boys AND the place my "band" - can you really call it a band? - Vernacular Vernacular performed years ago). They've totally changed it, though. When you go through the back doors, it goes into this HUGE dance floor, complete with a VIP section. Is this SLC? It felt more like Vegas. I tried to take a picture of the new room, but it probably doesn't do it justice. Of course, I stayed like five minutes, since I'm like 75 years older than anyone in the bar. I thought I'd be able to see De La Soul, but then I remembered I have no idea what they look like and therefore my plan was a bust.

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